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To uphold our tourism product to the highest standard and support the development of tourism-related businesses, we provide up-to-date information on the rules and regulations of the tourism industry.

Quarantine Facility Guidelines and Requirements

Hotels and other similar properties that are interested in operating as a quarantine facility must be approved by the Cayman Islands Government. This document provides the necessary guidance for facilities to successfully host persons in quarantine, including how to apply, property requirements and the process from arrival to departure.

Global Citizen Concierge Program

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has developed a marketing toolkit to encourage businesses to leverage the Global Citizen Concierge Program (GCCP).

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Licensing and Inspection

The Licensing and Inspections Unit has the key responsibility of ensuring that all accommodations available to visitors meet the Department of Tourism’s strict standards for safety and cleanliness

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Procurement Policies and Procedures

In accordance with the Public Management and Finance Law (PMFL), financial regulations, Ministry of Tourism and Transport, and best practice, the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism operates the following procurement policies

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Sponsorship Request Process

In order to support the development of the tourism industry and promote the Cayman Islands, the Department of Tourism engages in sponsorship of select tourism-related events

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How to Pay Taxes

It is important to know how and when you should pay your tourist accommodation and timeshare taxes.

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