Know Your Cayman Islands

Learn about the history, heritage and culture of the Cayman Islands.
The workshop will ensure participants are able to share historical and cultural features of the three islands and our people. Each session is highly interactive and includes fun, experiential learning methods.

Who Should Attend

All service providers, particularly those in the tourism industry with direct visitor contact are encouraged to participate. Employees with indirect visitor contact (educators, students, government staff, etc.) will also benefit from learning about Caymanian history and culture. Workshop limited to 20 participants, yielding the greatest impact for long-term results. 


To learn…

1. The history of the five centuries of the Cayman Islands

2. The differences between the three Cayman Islands

3. The unique heritage and culture of the Cayman Islands through arts and crafts

4. Structure of economy and government of the Cayman Islands

Tuesday, 23rd February
Tuesday, 23rd March
Tuesday, 20th April
Tuesday, 25th May
Tuesday, 22nd June
Tuesday, 27th July
Tuesday, 24th August
Tuesday, 21st September
Tuesday, 19th October
Tuesday, 23rd November