Workshop: Promises

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Cost: Free

Learn about customer service and creating positive visitor experiences. PROMISES is an interactive workshop. The participants will learn about customer service and their own role in creating positive visitor experiences. Through role plays and group exercises, participants agree on the behavioural actions required to not only meet, but also exceed our visitors’ expectation.

Who Should Attend

All service providers, particularly those in the tourism industry with direct visitor contact are encouraged to participate. Employees with indirect visitor contact (educators, students, government staff, etc.) will also benefit from learning how tourism impacts and benefits the destination. The PROMISES workshop is limited to 20 participants, yielding the greatest impact for long-term results.


To understand…

1. The PROMISES we make to our visitors

2. To whom we make these PROMISES

3. How we can consistently deliver these PROMISES

4. How to exceed our visitors’ expectations

5. What we can do when a PROMISE is broken

Workshop Dates


Workshops begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:00 pm. Participants are asked to arrive for 8:45 am. All are encouraged to bring a light sweater/jacket.

Promises (GCM):
  • Friday, January 17th
  • Friday, February 7th
  • Monday, March 23rd
  • Monday, April 6th
  • Friday, May 1st
  • Monday, June 1st
  • Monday, July 13th
  • Friday, July 24th
  • Monday, August 10th
  • Friday, August 21st
  • Friday, September 4th
  • Monday, September 21st
  • Friday, September 2nd
  • Tuesday, October 20th
  • Friday, November 6th
  • Monday, December 7th
Promises (CYB):
  • Wednesday, April 29th
  • Thursday, April 30th

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