Dives and Watersports

  • What is the Bloody Bay Marine Park?

    Bloody Bay Marine Park is a diver's paradise just off the north shore of Little Cayman. The park contains the world-famous Bloody Bay Wall which is certainly worth protecting. It is also located in the same marine park as Jackson's Wall. Jackson's Wall is home to many favourite dive sites too.

  • Why is Cayman’s diving so good?

    There are many reasons! 

    First of all, we aren't mountainous and don't have rivers; therefore, we don't have run-off into the oceans inhibiting reef development. 

    Secondly, all three Cayman Islands are actually submerged mountains tops so we have incredible walls all around the islands, reaching 20,000 feet or more in depth in some areas! 

    Thirdly, we have always been very conscious of our precious resource and have guarded it by establishing Marine Parks, limiting fishing, outlawing anchoring, educating divers and self-policing the behaviour of our dive operations.

    Check out our Dive Guide for more information.

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