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The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has prepared these guidelines for all property managers and industry partners involved with the ‘FAM’ Programme. They are designed to assist you in promoting the Cayman Islands.


Familiarization Trips (FAMs)

FAMs are trips organized by CIDOT for qualified travel consultants, wholesalers, and tour operators. The FAM programme plays an integral role in the Cayman Islands marketing strategy as it offers a high-quality experience to the travel trade. The value of this experience should not be discounted.


Number of Trips

The total number of trips varies from 10 to 20 per year. Agents are invited from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and South America; there are approximately 8 to 12 agents in each group.



The Department of Tourism’s overseas representatives invite agents in their region to join them on a Cayman Islands FAM. FAMs are 3 to 7 days in duration and costs are calculated using the payment guide. The Tourism Services Officer (TSO) at the Department of Tourism's head office in Grand Cayman arranges for payment to the host property, restaurants and other participants.


Dive FAMs

These FAMs are hosted to give qualified agents that sell diving an opportunity to experience the incredible diving available in the Cayman Islands first-hand.



Condos can place 3 or 4 agents in one unit but each agent must have a separate bed. The Department of Tourism notes on its rooming list, which is given to the host property a week before arrival, the smokers and non-smokers within a group. For resorts and hotels, rooms should be assigned on a single occupancy basis.



The itinerary for each FAM trip is developed by the Department of Tourism and presented to each agent one week prior to arrival. Participating properties and ground tour operators also receive a copy.


Property Visits

Site FAMs should be thorough and of the highest standard. Site inspections should be kept to the time specified on the itinerary. Property managers are therefore asked to show one or two units/rooms. Based on day of arrival, site FAMs may take place on a Saturday or Sunday.


Brochure and Rate Sheets

When a property has a visit scheduled, the property representative should be available and ready to greet the agents with a supply of their latest brochures and rate sheets.


Refreshments For Agents

Properties can offer beverages and light refreshments to the agents; however, alcoholic drinks should not be offered during site FAMs. Complimentary refreshments are not mandatory; however, such courtesies always leave a good impression with seasoned agents. Refreshments should be prepared beforehand to ensure that the time allotted for the visit is not impacted.



A separate menu should be provided for FAM groups. As rates are set, prices should not be listed. A copy of the menu must be made available to the TSO prior to the group's visit. A variety in the menu selection, including a vegetarian and vegan dish (vegan-no dairy products, eggs, meats or fish), is best to showcase and represent your restaurant.



Escorts are either a CIDOT staff member or the group leader from the agency.



Each FAM agent completes an online questionnaire which is submitted to the Department of Tourism at the end of their trip. Feedback is available to participating partners upon request.



Transportation is provided for the trips by various operators and is organized by CIDOT. Operators must provide staff that are: friendly, informative, disciplined and professional. Water should be provided daily on the bus.

Agents’ Arrival

The Tourism Services Officer for the Department of Tourism will meet and greet the agents at the airport.


Complimentary Items

CIDOT will include complimentary promotional items for each agent.



Participants in the FAM programme should provide one primary contact that will be responsible for all FAM arrangements. If the primary contact changes, please notify CIDOT.



  • Host managers should conduct site FAMs.
  • Do not attempt to show too many units/rooms on site FAMs.
  • Companies should have a supply of brochures, rate sheets and contact information for distribution.


Invoice and Payment Procedures

All invoices must meet the following requirements:

1. Be on company letter head and addressed to Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

2. Have invoice numbers and be dated.

3. Include dates of service, number of guests served and reference to FAM group name. This is given to the partner contact at time of confirming activity.

4. Note: Unless stated by TSO and reflected on Purchase Order, alcohol is not covered by CIDOT.

5. CIDOT will submit Purchase Order to cover cost of services to be rendered prior to the FAM’s arrival.

6. For all meals, the table receipt needs to accompany the invoice upon submission for payment. If this receipt is missing it will delay payment until received.

Please submit all invoices in a timely manner so there are no delays in receiving your payment. The information above may be subject to change without notice throughout the year.

FAM Brochure
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