Upcoming Events

Date: August 3, 2021
Time: 11am – 12pm ET
Topic:  Developing and Enhancing our Culinary Tourism​

IICA Representative, Barbados and Hemispheric Agrotourism Specialist, IICA Delegation in Barbados
This Virtual Tourism Series is a presentation by Agrotourism Specialist Ena Harvey, focusing on the creation of new rural tourism offerings. The new offerings help to promote authenticity, food tourism, environmental stewardship, economic diversification, and sustainable livelihoods for communities. Additionally, Ena will focus on women, indigenous groups, youth and farm families, and the application of digital technology and innovation, Promotion of Green Business.

Webinar Series Recordings

We hope that you enjoyed our weekly sessions over the past few months which explored ideas and solutions for rebuilding the tourism economy in the Cayman Islands. Our speakers brought forth knowledge, as well as, experience in leadership and the tourism industry. To re-watch the 2020 webinars, please scroll down this page to review the entire schedule.