Join us for engaging and informative sessions over the next three months to explore ideas and solutions for rebuilding the tourism economy in the Cayman Islands. Our speakers bring knowledge and experience in leadership and the tourism industry. Don’t miss out on learning more about managing ongoing challenges and opportunities in our industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Upcoming Events

Date:  October 27, 2020
Time:  11am – 12 pm ET
Topic:  Keeping it Local – A Conversation on How to Incorporate our Culture and Heritage into your Business

Executive Director, National Trust

Director, National Gallery

Enjoy a lively discussion about ways to incorporate ‘All Things’ Caymanian into your way of doing business. The speakers will provide inspiration and information on how to elevate guest experiences through our culture, and will spark creation of special moments through unique events, experiences and enhancements.


Date: November 3, 2020
Time: 12 – 1 pm ET
Topic: Controlling the Uncontrollables

Former Navy Seal

Performance Strategies: How to Empower your Team During Challenging Times and Adjust to the Situation at Hand—Leadership During a Crisis
Gary Denham is a 20-year veteran of the US Navy SEAL Teams, retiring in 2006. After retirement, he became the Director of Instructor Development for Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC). He teaches the nation's most elite how to be better communicators, leaders, mentors and coaches working with special operators, professional sports teams and business leaders.


Date: November 10, 2020
Time: 12 – 1 pm ET
Topic: Media Day

Media & Influencers:

This webinar will focus on understanding the current state of media affairs, as well as adjusting ways of working with media and influencers in the current environment ​

Then join us for a “one-on-one” partner/media “speed-dating” session.

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