Cayman Itineraries

Cayman Itineraries

Customize Your Perfect Getaway Experience

Our islands have the potential to be anything you make of them. There are experiences tailor-made for the adventurous spirit. There are encounters handcrafted for the culinary connoisseur. There are activities for family memories and escapes for romantic moments. All of it is here to be shaped by your individual interests. Decide the type of trip you desire and then see what your days can look like.



Are there areas for camping?
Visitors are not permitted to camp, as there are no designated campsites. However, Cayman has a variety of accommodations for almost any budget.
Where are the hospitals?
Our Public Health Services Complex in George Town is a modern facility with highly trained staff. There is also a private hospital called Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial in George Town, as well as several other non-emergency facilities that are privately run in Grand Cayman. In Cayman Brac, there is Faith Hospital and, in Little Cayman, we have a small clinic available in case of emergencies.