The Honeymooners' Destination

There's no better place to begin walking hand-in-hand through life together than on our coasts. Step foot into the exotic expanse of Seven Mile Beach, breathe in the vista of The Bluff on Cayman Brac or dip your toes in the turquoise shallows of Little Cayman as you look forward to the days ahead on our islands and the years ahead together.

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Your Questions Answered

What is the weather like?

Our rainy season is from May to October and our dry season is from November to April. This doesn’t mean it rains constantly or rarely during these respective times. The names of the seasons simply reflect the trends in our region. It’s common in summer to have brief showers in the afternoon and occasional rain in the mornings. Rainfall tends to be higher in the western parts of our islands.

Do I need a passport to enter the country?

Yes, you will need a passport when entering from another country. Be sure to review entry requirements, passport exemptions and refusal reasons from the Department of Immigration.