Carib Sands Beach Resort

Cast away the pressures of your overbooked life On this hidden gem, life is laid back on the Brac Carib Sands is your island escape that feels remote yet isn’t difficult to reach. Here you enjoy the conveniences of a beachfront villa with the services of a vacation resort. Sit on your terrace, gaze at the sea, and wonder what you’ll do today. Brew a second pot of coffee in your pajamas. Snorkel off of the beach or swim in the pool. Read in a hammock (until you succumb to a nap). Dive among turtles, spotted eagle rays and reef fish. Fish the shallows or the deep water. Discuss the nuances of conch fritters with new friends at the outdoor bar. Contemplate the Milky Way as it spills across a midnight sky. It’s all laid back on the Brac. If you seek friendly people, intriguing adventures, and a barefoot lifestyle, you’ll be in heaven. But – fair warning! – don’t come if you crave shopping gallerias, casinos, glitzy restaurants, fancy dress codes, or jet skis and parasailing.
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