Cayman Islands National Museum

Uniquely among the Cayman Islands’ cornerstone cultural institutions, the Museum is housed in the historic Old Courts Building, dating from the 1830s. We feature an exceptional audiovisual experience, interpreted garden, permanent natural and cultural history galleries, and regularly changing exhibitions, openings and special events. We are open to the public six days per week and aspire to reach all local children, individuals and families, as well as visitors from abroad. We provide guided tours to school groups at no charge, year-round, and are re-launching our special evening Speaker’s Series on a wide variety of cultural and historical topics. We also promote special Looky Ya! celebrations of Caymanian traditions in the grounds surrounding our historic building – these events are growing in entertainment, food, attendance and general popularity – and we intend to keep growing and reaching all ages of our population. The Museum is charged with the collection, research, conservation, care, and interpretation of the Museum Collection of artefacts, currently numbering 9,300 objects.
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