Cayman University Divers

Cayman University Divers offers what every diver wants. We take out a maximum of 6 divers to the West and North sides of Grand Cayman that include Stingray City and the Kittiwake wreck. We offer unlimited bottom times and flexible start times to coordinate with all your other vacation activities. Only Cayman University Divers offers Narrated Scuba Tours. This service is FREE of charge for our guests. You won’t miss one thing during your dive, and all the time with NO tank banging! If you want to know what that fish is, just point at it and we will tell you. We also offer a full gamut of PADI training from Bubbler programs to Master programs. Our Underwater Communication system greatly assists during the training process for more precise direction and less confusion for the student. Join Cayman University Divers for your next Cayman dive vacation.
  • Campus Diver
  • Captain Brad & Turtle
  • Leopard Flatworm
  • PADI Training
  • Giant Sponge
  • Santa's Helpers
  • 200
  • Trinity Caves