Cook Food Caboose

"Cook Food Caboose" Little Cayman offers visitors a huge variety of delicious meals, all cooked in a traditional Cayman style. Customers can choose from one of these dishes cooked daily for lunch or dinner: Curry or Butter Shrimp, Stew Turtle (Farm-raised), Cayman-style Beef, Jamaican-style Oxtail, Curry Goat, Curry Beef, Curry Chicken, Cowfoot, Little Cayman-Style Beef, Salt Beef and beans, Pigtail and red beans, Fry or bake Fish, as well as local soups. We serve all of these dishes with white rice or rice and beans, and you can also order a side of Breadfruit, Cassava, Green Banana, Mac & Cheese, or vegetables. Call, text or WhatsApp +1-(345)923-1773 or visit the website, you can place an order for pick-up or delivery or dine in at Sunset Bar also known as McCoys * Whelk dishes are seasonal* Jerk Stand open on Fridays until 1 AM