kk's Sunshine Luxury Charters

Come let us show you the real Cayman Islands! As you step aboard our Luxury Cruiser, you will escape from the usual and experience a memory like no other! Miles of white sand beaches, caressed by tranquil turquoise waters, at last, paradise has arrived! ‚ÄčExperience one of the most magical, sought after, undersea destinations in the world! Lay back and relax and let kk's Sunshine Luxury Charters take you to all the unforgettable ‚Äč attractions in the Cayman Islands...natures friendly playground : ~ Stingray City ~ Coral Gardens ~ Star Fish Point ~ Sunshine Point ~ Booby Cay ~ Bioluminescence ~ Sunsets Cruising We offer luxury cruises for up to 10 people on our 32' luxury cruiser.
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