OmniTri T/A Green2Go

Green2Go was created in 2014 by a small group of friends with one thing in mind, a healthy lifestyle that is convenient. Wanting to provide the local community of Cayman with fresh locally sourced smoothies that help get your daily need for leafy greens in, Green2Go was born. Now a few years later our lineup of products have increased to include 100% Cold-Pressed Juices, Superfood-Shakes, Cold-Brew Coffees and much more. As we continue to grow we are still and always will be focused on providing Cayman with healthy, fresh, convenient products delivered right to your door. Green2Go's expectations have never skewed from the main goal which is to heal the people of Cayman through nutrition. The current expansion and diversity of our products make this even more clear opening up the doors to all demographics on island moving forward.