Reelistik Charters

It’s like having your own island boat. Safe, friendly, fun customizable private charters with a local captain for a maximum of 6 people. We offer nearshore, light tackle fishing that is fun for the whole family, or offshore deep sea fishing for you avid island adventurers. Go for only one hour or splash for a full day in the sea. All the fishing and snorkeling gear you could want for whatever you choose to do is provided aboard the 23 ft Edgewater center console - be that 1 hour of swimming with rays in the beautiful Caribbean waters or a full day of heavy tackle battles with Tuna and MahiMahi out to sea. The boat also comes with a GPS, fish-finder, live-well, and drinks a-plenty. Captain Julz has always had a passion for fishing, and is constantly happy to be able to run his own charter business. He loves being able to work with new people and be out on the water all the time, and believes that his clients should always be able to choose and plan what they want to do on his trips. Captain Julz offers all his clients a free cleaning and filleting service for anything you want to take away, as well as hotel or condo beach pick-up along 7 Mile Beach.
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