The Backyard Farmer

Peppers, vegetables, fruits, handcrafted soaps and homemade ice cream is what you will find at The Backyard Farmer. Our peppers and greens are field and container grown for ease in harvesting and care, to ensure top quality peppers for your money. We practice safe and prudent use of biological pest control and fertilization whenever possible to ensure our crops are not only healthy for consumption but are also kind to the environment. Along with our vegetables we also produce a line of locally handcrafted soaps, scrubs and spa products made from all natural and local ingredients. Try our signature Coconut Lemongrass Skin Bar made from homemade coconut oil!! We currently also grow and supply ornamental plants, scrubs and fruit trees for retail sales with discounts for landscapers and large domestic orders. Our 4 acre farm is located off Anton Bodden Drive in Bodden Town is still a work in progress but we are working hard to get it up and running fully to better serve you under one location.
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