On-Island Testing Requirements

Lateral Flow Testing Guidance

All travellers to the Cayman Islands are required to take lateral flow tests (LTF)

  • All incoming travellers: Caymanians, visitors, and other returning residents, who are exempt from quarantine are required to undertake lateral flow tests on days 2, 5 and 7 following their arrival on-island, whereby the arrival day is considered day zero.
  • Upon arrival, each incoming traveller will be issued with a Rapid Antigen Testing Card by Customs Border Control (CBC).
  • Upon each Lateral Flow Test taken, this card is required to be certified by the test administrator.
    • Click here to see a list of approved testing sites.
  • Failure to comply may result in a penalty of a fine up to CI$10,000 and/or imprisonment up to 2 years.

   Following is a visual of the card that will be handed out by CBC:

Front of card Back of card

Front of card Back of card
Can I take a self-administered lateral flow test?

No, self-administered lateral flow tests are not acceptable for the purpose of complying with the required testing for incoming travellers. To comply with legal requirements, the lateral flow testing of travellers must be certified by an approved Registered Health Care Provider in the Cayman Islands.
When should I get tested?
All incoming travellers; tourist visitors, and returning residents who are exempt from quarantine are required to undertake lateral flow tests on days 2, 5 and 7 following their arrival on island, whereby the arrival day is considered day zero.

Who pays for the test?

The costs of any COVID-19 testing undertaken regarding travel remains the responsibility of the traveller.

Where can I get tested?
Testing locations are available island-wide at approved hotels, clinics and private doctors' offices. Please click here to find a list of on-island test sites.
What if I develop COVID-19 Symptoms?
Where a traveller develops COVID-19 symptoms:
  • Tourist visitors should immediately self-isolate, along with any close contacts that form part of their travel group at their tourism accommodation or private residence if they are staying with local contacts.
  • Where they are staying at a tourism accommodation, they should immediately notify their accommodation provider until arrangements can be made for confirmatory testing by a Registered Healthcare Provider.
  • Returning residents should immediately self-isolate along with any close contacts that form a part of their household until arrangements can be made for confirmatory testing by a Registered Healthcare Provider.
What If I test positive?
Where a traveller tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, the positive result must be reported to Public Health by the registered Healthcare provider. In addition, the following actions are required:
  • The traveller must self-isolate within their accommodation, and
  • The tourist visitor and tourism accommodation provider must follow the protocols established and approved by Public Health for dealing with a SARS-CoV-2 positive tourist visitor
Can I take a PCR test instead of a lateral flow test for my departure criteria?
  • Where a lateral flow test or PCR test is provided by a registered healthcare provider in the Cayman Islands, a negative test result may qualify as a departure test depending on if taken within the required timeframes for their intended travel destination.
  • However, it should be noted that all tests for travel must meet the testing requirements for the intended travel destination, and it is the responsibility of the onward traveller to ensure that a lateral flow test will meet their requirements. In addition, for departure purposes, the onward traveller may need to show proof of the test results via a printed certificate, email or text message.
  • In preparation for your departure from the Cayman Islands please ensure to check the travel mandates for your return destination. For inbound travel to the US, effective December 6, air travelers aged two and older, regardless of nationality or vaccination status, are required to show documentation of a negative viral test result taken within one day of the flight’s departure to the United States before boarding. 
Should I take this card with me around the island?
  • Hotels and other hospitality providers may require guests, for example, to present this card demonstrating that they are in compliance with testing requirements before allowing entry to high traffic areas such as restaurants and pools.
Key Contact Information
In accordance with general Public Health guidance, any person with symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 disease should contact their local healthcare provider or the Flu Hotline to seek advice on the best next steps. The Flu Hotline can be reached on 1-800-534-8600 or 925-6327 (Flow) or 947-3077 (Digicel), or email flu@hsa.ky.
For more information on the Lateral Flow Testing Policy, please visit www.exploregov.ky