Current COVID-19 Protocols

The health and safety of our community and visitors is of the utmost priority to us. As such, please ensure you take note of the current health and community safety protocols:
  1. When using a taxi, omnibus or school bus, the driver and all passengers must wear a mask or cloth face covering at all times.
  2. Businesses have the authority to require any person who visits their establishment to wear a mask and to refuse entry to any person who refuses to do so.
    Anyone over the age of five must wear a mask or cloth face covering in a public place, including an educational institution.
    You do not have to wear a mask if:
    • you are unable to wear a mask or cloth face covering due to a medical condition or you are otherwise exempted by guidance provided by the Medical Officer of Health
    • you are sitting or eating, without talking
    You can read more on the policies here:
  3. No more than 750 people may gather in public indoors, and there is no limit for outdoor public gatherings.
  4. Social distancing is legally required in public spaces in the Cayman Islands.
For a full list of rules and regulations, please click here.