George Town is the capital city and a popular port for Caribbean cruise ships. This quaint town is host to a variety of activities including luxurious glass-bottom boat tours, fascinating rum distillery tours, beautiful art galleries, top-notch shopping that includes duty-free shops, delicious eateries, and a historical museum. Thrill-seekers will also enjoy excursions like submarine tours, snorkelling, diving, and parasailing.

Where is George Town?
George Town Cayman Islands, located in the British West Indies, serves as the Grand Cayman City central hub. Surrounded by a glistening sea and immaculate beaches, you will find yourself amidst dazzling sights and an enticing local flavor highlighting the unique culture of the Islands.
You won’t need a map to find the famous Seven Mile Beach, either, as it’s just a short 10-minute drive from George Town city centre. If you’re travelling on a cruise, you must disembark at George Town Cayman Islands. Walking the beaches here is an unforgettable experience. George Town tourism makes up a significant portion of its economy, and the island caters heavily to this endeavor. As such, it’s a must-stop cruise port.
The newly opened Farmers’ Market on Huldah Avenue is open Monday through Saturday, beginning at 7:30 am.  You can choose from the many vendors offering fresh produce, crafts, baked goods, natural juices, coconuts, and more. If you’re visiting George Town Cayman Islands, then ensure you have this location on your list of things to do.

Cayman Islands National Museum is also located here. Overlooking Hog Sty Bay, it is one of George Town Cayman Islands few remaining 19th-century structures. The Museum’s collection contains over 8,000 items, including a 14-ft traditional handmade catboat, household and shipbuilding items, art, and natural history specimens. Be sure to take a tour of the museum during your trip to George Town!