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This technology enables marketers and publishers’ campaigns allowing them to create a set of more targeted ads based on the user patterns and the behavior around the internet.

Adobe Audience Manager

This technology assigns a unique ID to a site visitor in order to build unique audience profiles and use them for marketing across digital channels.

Bing Ads

This technology allows us to advertise on 3rd party websites through BingAds Advertising network.

Google Marketing Platform

This technology is used to make advertising more engaging to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers.

Salesforce DMP

This technology (formerly known as Krux Digital) assists marketers and media companies deliver relevant consumer ad experiences by collecting data across various devices and channels.

The Trade Desk

This technology may be used to count or limit ad exposures to a unique user or measure the post click or exposure activity of that user.


Google Analytics

This technology helps us measure the use of our website, allowing us to improve it by collecting and reporting information on how visitors are using it.

Essential Site Functions

Essential Cookies are important to ensure the site functions properly. They can therefore not be switched off.


This technology is essential in storing and securing the information of our visitors to avoid data theft and protect privacy ensuring the site is functioning the way you expect it to.

Social Media


This technology tracks users as they interact with our website and enhance our efforts in marketing relevant products and services to our target audience.


This technology tracks users as they interact with our website and enhance our marketing efforts with Linkedin members.


This technology tracks users as they interact with our website and are used for relevant advertising purposes on Pinterest.

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