Guest Experience Provider

Now more than ever, Interpreters and Guides at sites and attractions are essential to creating excellent guest experiences. As the cruise industry resumes, cruise lines will be focused on providing an excellent guest experience, and the key to delivering excellent service is ensuring we are refreshed, ready, and working together. Whether you are currently working as an interpreter of a site guide, or looking forward to returning to the role, this course is designed to help you revitalise your commentary and sharpen your skills as you prepare for the return of cruise and tourism.
This Guest Experience Provider course includes the two lessons from our Tour Guide International Certification programme that are most meaningful as we prepare to get back out there doing what we love and sharing our destinations, our attractions, museums, and historic sites with our guests. Each of these online courses would take about 90 minutes to complete and the participant would have access to the course for 12 months.
Topics Include:
  • Hospitality and Service Excellence
    • Participants learn the skills and knowledge needed to provide guests with an excellent tour experience
  • Presentation, Storytelling & Interpretation
    • Teaches participants how presentation and communication skills affect the guest experience and how to engage guests in the interpretation of the sites, the region and its stories.