10 Culinary Treasures of the Cayman Islands

One of the most delightful aspects of traveling to different destinations is the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine. The Cayman Islands, best known for their fresh ingredients, British and Jamaican influences, and breathtaking vistas, offer a culinary experience like no other. While visiting, expect to savor local staples including coconut shrimp, fish tacos, jerk chicken, and zesty ceviche. These dishes encapsulate the island’s beauty, freshness, and cultural richness. Whether you have a few hours before your cruise ship sets sail or several days to enjoy the islands, one thing remains certain: you must treat your tastebuds to the array of Caymanian delicacies available. To delve deeper into the realm of mouthwatering creations and discover our handpicked favorites, keep reading! 


Nestled in George Town, Grand Cayman, The Cayman Cabana is a testament to locally nurtured cuisine, embracing the farm-to-table ethos and supporting Caymanian farmers, fishermen, and producers. Amidst this charming eatery, patrons can enjoy beautiful views while savoring remarkable local delicacies. Noteworthy among the offerings are our favorite dishes: the flavorful fish tacos and the crispy conch fritters. Whether you prefer a laid-back ambiance or an upscale evening dining experience, The Cayman Cabana is a memorable experience. To check out the mouthwatering menu, click here.


Honored with the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award in 2020, this family-operated establishment is the quintessential destination for a sophisticated evening of indulgence paired with exquisite wines. The Lobster Pot not only dazzles as an exceptional venue for savoring some of the freshest seafood Grand Cayman offers, but it also boasts a wine bar where guests can enjoy an impressive selection of the finest wines. Two of our favorite standout dishes include the Cayman Style Lobster or Fish (the Captain’s Catch of the Day) and the savory Escoveitch Fish. Among these gourmet dishes, guests are also treated to a picturesque waterfront setting that elevates the dining experience. To book your reservation at the Lobster Pot, click here.


After a day of water sports or relaxation on the stunning and world-famous Seven Mile Beach, why not treat yourself to some of the freshest ceviche available on the island? Tillies presents its guests with a delightful selection of dishes that draw heavy inspiration from the Greater Antilles region. This dining establishment is an excellent option for vacationers seeking to make lasting family memories while participating in the special events hosted at Tillies’ charming venue. Visitors can expect a variety of events, including high tea, family days, dinner parties, and film screenings, set against the backdrop of their gorgeous rooftop. For more information on their extensive offerings, please visit their website. 


Peppers Bar & Grill is an absolute must-visit for guests exploring Grand Cayman. This fantastic establishment showcases authentic Jamaican jerk cuisine while enveloping its patrons in vibrant live music and an enjoyable ambiance suitable for the whole family. We recommend that visitors indulge in Peppers’ BBQ jerk chicken, a dish that reflects the distinct flavors unique to the Cayman Islands. Some of the other noteworthy dishes offered here include the fire-roasted snapper, grilled lobster tails, and roasted mahi-mahi. Don’t miss the chance to experience live music and local talent on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 pm. For more information about Peppers Bar & Grill, please visit their website.


Camana Bay is a charming bayside town located in the heart of Seven Mile Beach. This locale provides an all-in-one experience for those seeking a day filled with delicious local cuisine, captivating ambiance, and authentic Caymanian culture. For travelers accompanied by children or those yearning for delectable Italian-style pizza, The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta is a great option for delicious fare that caters to the entire family. Another wonderful alternative for families or those seeking a relaxed evening out, The Waterfront Urban Diner delivers classic gastro-pub dishes infused with a Jamaican flair, featuring delights like jerk chicken pasta, fish tacos, and steak frites. Conclude your dining experience on a sweet note with a visit to Gelato & Co., where genuine Italian gelato awaits, masterfully crafted by gelato maker Stefano Franceschi. Crafted daily, the flavor selection includes stracciatella, pistachio, bacio, and more. Consider our suggestion and set aside a few hours to explore the captivating beauty of Camana Bay during your upcoming adventure to Grand Cayman!


If you’re a lover of beer and are looking to try local brews, The White Whale Pub & Ale is a great choice. With one of the best happy hours in George Town, this eatery is the perfect stop for those seeking good food and beautiful views of the sunset. With reasonable prices, the White Whale Pub & Ale offers many enticing dishes such as calamari, bang bang shrimp, and a fresh seared tuna salad. If you’re not a beer drinker, no worries; house-made sangria and an extensive wine list are also available. For more information about this eatery, click here


One of the best ways to sample many different local dishes is by trying Grand Cayman’s food trucks! Fortunately, there are numerous food trucks scattered across the island, each dishing out delicious favorites that are sure to please your taste buds. Among the essential food trucks to include in your itinerary are Arepa 345 and Murph’s Kitchen. Within the mosaic of cultures and cuisines that grace the Cayman Islands, Arepa 345 shines as an excellent example. Located in the Regatta Business Park parking lot near Governor’s Beach, Arepa 345 specializes in crafting authentic Venezuelan arepas, offering a medley of seafood, cheese, and vegetarian options. For a quick fix of iconic Caymanian fare, Murph’s Kitchen is an indisputable option. Found near Public Beach, adjacent to Seven Mile Beach, this food truck serves up mouthwatering sandwiches like the Cubano and Murph’s Po Boy, perfect for those looking for a grab-and-go delight before hitting the beach. 


No Caribbean journey is complete without indulging in an authentic serving of sticky toffee pudding, a beloved regional delicacy. For this decadent treat, your destination is none other than Calypso Grill. With acclaim from both Wine Spectator and TripAdvisor, it’s wise to secure a reservation, given the popularity of this eatery nestled on the picturesque Morgan’s Harbor. Beyond its mastery of sticky toffee pudding, Calypso Grill excels at crafting delectable appetizers and entrees. Standout dishes encompass delights like Lobster and Shrimp Champagne, Wahoo Escoveitch, and Calpyso Paella. To ensure your table at Calypso Grill, be sure to visit their website for reservation details. 


Before departing Grand Cayman, be sure to visit Singh’s Roti Shop, a charming family-owned Trinidadian restaurant. At this delightful establishment, you’ll have the pleasure of savoring their signature Trinidad-style roti, generously stuffed with curried potatoes, spinach, and pumpkin. While this spot is a vegetarian’s paradise, it also offers a variety of meaty options like curried goat, oxtail, and chicken. With daily specials that rotate, diners have the chance to sample a diverse range of Caribbean flavors, all neatly enveloped in warm, chewy roti. For a peek at their unique menu, click here


For vegan or vegan-friendly visitors, consider dining at Bread and Chocolate, a completely animal-free restaurant located in the center of Grand Cayman’s financial district. A standout entree on their menu is the Island Bowl, a delightful combination of tender jerk tofu, organic seasonal greens, locally-sourced plantains, and more. Their conk fritters, cleverly crafted from coconut, provide a satisfying vegan twist on the island’s traditional favorite. Whether you follow a vegan diet or not, this restaurant stands out as an excellent option for those seeking ethical, organic, and locally-sourced Caymanian cuisine. To discover more about Bread and Chocolate, check out their website

The Cayman Islands offer far more than their pristine white-sand beaches and stunning ocean views; they are also a lively culinary haven brimming with exotic flavors drawn from the region. From tropical delights such as conch fritters and coconut shrimp to fresh catches from the sea, this island is an essential destination for food enthusiasts eager to savor the local cuisine. Whether you’re indulging in a romantic evening at Lobster Pot or enjoying a relaxed family dinner at Calypso Grill, the Cayman Islands have a wealth of dining options that will leave diners craving for more! 

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By Danielle Morris (source: porthole.com/10-culinary-treasures-of-the-cayman-islands/