Health Service Providers

The Cayman Islands is home to three fully equipped hospitals and several supporting clinics, private practices, and pharmacies. Our Public Health Services complex in George Town is a modern facility with highly trained staff. There is also a private hospital called Doctors Hospital in George Town, an ultramodern facility in East End named Health City Cayman Islands, as well as several other non-emergency facilities that are privately run in Grand Cayman. In Cayman Brac there is Faith Hospital, and, in Little Cayman, there is small clinic available in case of emergencies. 


Health Services Authority Pharmacies - 345-949-8600
Valu-Med Pharmacy - 345-949-0442
Health Care Pharmacy Ltd - 345-949-8900
Doctors Hospital - 345-949-6066
Kirk Pharmacy - 345-949-7180
Foster's Pharmacy (Airport) - 345-8154051
Foster's Pharmacy (Camana Bay) - 345-815-4061


Be Well Pharmacy - 345-949-2323
Care Pharmacy - 345-2273
Quality Pharmacy - 345-946-6266
Savannah Pharmacy & Gifts - 345-946-3336
West Bay Pharmacy & Gifts - 345-945-0777
Windward Pharmacy - 345-9494081