Breathtaking beaches. Spectacular diving. Entertaining attractions. World class accommodations. Exceptional dining. Warm, friendly people. A unique cultural heritage. All of these things combine to make the Cayman Islands a premiere destination for discerning travellers.

To ensure our islands remain a premiere destination in the Caribbean we must consistently deliver world-class service to each individual. Our guests must be welcomed with exceptional service from the moment they arrive on the island. This service needs to be consistent and excellent until the moment they depart.

Exceptional customer service does not just happen by itself. World-class customer service requires ongoing training, specific skills, knowledge and a positive attitude. It is with this understanding that we initiated PRIDE.

What is PRIDE?

PRIDE is making a commitment to take Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence. PRIDE is an attitude, a way of life. The PRIDE programme establishes a culture of service excellence throughout the Cayman Islands.

Cayman PRIDE strives to:
  • Raise our standard of customer service
  • Distinguish the Cayman Islands from other Caribbean destinations
  • Increase our visitors’ intent to return and recommend the Cayman Islands to others
  • Ensure a promising and sustainable future for our islands
  • Improve and enhance our community and our quality of life

Why invest in PRIDE?

Tourism plays a major role in our economy. The Government is funding the PRIDE programme as part of its ongoing mandate to enhance the Cayman Islands’ competitiveness as a tourism destination and ensure the long-term sustainability of tourism in the country. The world spends over $500 billion on tourism yearly. By raising the level of customer service, we will be able to obtain a greater share of the tourism market.

Who participates in PRIDE?

Each member of our community plays a role in tourism. Those employed in tourism-related industries will be invited to receive PRIDE training. Our hope is that everyone living in the Cayman Islands will embrace PRIDE, not just as a way of delivering service excellence, but as a way of life.

How does PRIDE work?

Behavioural and operational service standards are agreed upon and set by tourism industry partners. Mystery shopping is used to identify strengths and training opportunities as well as provide interactive training programmes. Periodic quality checks are conducted to measure all progress in delivering excellence to guests.

Current Workshops


Learn about customer service and creating positive visitor experiences.


Learn about the history, heritage and culture of the Cayman Islands.