Pedro St. James National Historic Site

Step Back in time and experience the history and heritage that blossoms at Pedro St James National Historic Site! Known by locals as ‘Pedro Castle,’ this Great House is the oldest surviving stone structure in the Cayman Islands and is home to many cultural and historical tales. It was built using slave labour in 1780 by a wealthy Englishman, William Eden, and has been put to a variety of uses, including a cotton plantation, courthouse, jail, and Government Assembly. Surviving hurricanes, fires, vandalism, and rumours of being both jinxed and haunted, it stands today, in its restored state, as a dynamic piece of Caymanian heritage. Relive history in the 18th Century Great House, explore the rooms and learn about its history of pirate raids, tragedy, triumph, and political reformation. Take a stroll around seven acres of lush gardens, enjoy the stunning ocean views and treat yourself to a delicious and local, oceanside dining experience and rum tasting at Thatch & Barrel Restaurant. All tours (guided and non-guided) include access to the 3D multi-sensory movie theatre that will transport you back in time! Discover a world of hidden wonder at Pedro St. James.
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