Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements For Cayman
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Before You Make
Your Entrance

To make your trip to the Cayman Islands as smooth as possible, please have the following items ready upon your arrival.
• Identification (U.S. Passport/Proof Of Canadian Citizenship)
• Immigration Card (Provided By Airline Staff)
• Customs Declaration Card (Provided By Airline Staff)
If you require a passport, you should ensure it is valid for six months after your planned date of return. If you intend to remain in the Cayman Islands for reasons other than vacation, refer to the regulations for immigration.
Immigrants to the Cayman Islands include:
• Those authorised by a work permit to work in the Cayman Islands.
• Those named in a work permit as a dependant of the licensee.
• Those exempted from work permit requirements or their dependants.
• Those permitted to reside permanently in the Cayman Islands.
• Those holding a valid re-entry permit are not required to produce a visa.
Prohibited immigrants to Cayman include:
• Those declared destitute, mentally disordered or previously deported.
• Those creating health hazards to the community.
• Those reasonably believed to be a prostitute or living on prostitution
• Those who received a prison sentence of 12+ months in another country.
• Those declared to be undesirable for economic or moral reasons.
Upon arrival, you must retain the immigration card given to you. You’re advised to keep your card with your travel documents, as you may be required to present it to an Immigration Officer upon your departure.
If you're planning a business trip, soliciting services and taking purchase orders requires a temporary work permit. Applications for this permit may be obtained in advance from the Department of Immigration. You must declare all samples of goods you bring into the country and these goods must leave with you. By law, you may not accept jobs in the Cayman Islands without a work permit.
For specific questions regarding entry into the Cayman Islands, including visa requirements, contact the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration.
• (345) 949-8052

Your Questions Answered

Do You Need a Passport for the Cayman Islands?

Yes, you will need a passport when entering the Cayman Islands from another country. Be sure to review entry requirements, passport exemptions and refusal reasons from the Department of Immigration

Do I need a visa to enter the country?

Visit to see if you should obtain a visa.