You know that remote island wonderland you always see in films and read about in books? It’s here. At only ten miles long and one mile wide, there may be more peace and quiet per-square-inch on Little Cayman than anywhere else. Bask on empty beaches with soft sand and only the sound of the breeze rustling the palm trees. Then, take a bike or a scooter up and down the shore.

Venture to South Hole Sound Lagoon for a private swim in water that is every shade of blue. Or row out to the unofficial fourth island in Cayman. Just a kayak away off the coast of Little Cayman, Owen Island offers seascapes in their purest form, making you feel as if you were the last person on the planet.

On land, peaceful Little Cayman offers a calm, serene landscape where the bustle of the birds at the Booby Pond Nature Reserve may be the loudest commotion on land. Perhaps Little Cayman is so calm because all the activity is set aside for the fish in the surrounding reefs. Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park is one of the most popular dives in existence, after all. With a dramatic drop-off over 5,000 feet, Bloody Bay Wall gives divers the opportunity to glimpse Cayman’s underwater life in a dramatic backdrop. Just 100 feet below the surface, the island’s native sharks, stingrays and turtles can be viewed against the stunning backdrop of Bloody Bay Wall.

Whatever the reason, you now have several to see Little Cayman for yourself.