Grand Cayman shopping is duty-free, which means great savings can be made on items such as watches, china, crystal, perfumes, luxury cosmetics and fine jewellery (including jewellery made from authentic treasure coins). In fact, prices can be as much as 30-percent less expensive here. There is access to world-renowned luxury retailers such as Rolex and Armani. At the same time, chic European fashions and outstanding local art are on offer in specialty stores, hotel boutiques and shopping centres. Wherever you browse, you’ll be amazed by the selection of interesting and unusual items available to buy.



Wick candles

The Wick Candles and Scents Company creates unique scented candles which were inspired by local historic themes. Proudly handcrafted and hand-poured in the Cayman Islands, all candles are soy based and made with 100% natural ingredients. The Island Scents Collection can be found at Cayman Spirits Company in George Town and Pedro St. James in Bodden Town. For more information you can visit


Powder Monkey Gourmet Treats

You haven’t had marshmallows until you have had these! Cayman’s very own locally made marshmallows in many different flavours including chocolate, passion fruit, coconut and even kosher/vegetarian. You can pick up your own treat at the following locations: Cayman Distillery Company, Kirk Market, National Trust Eco Store at Dart Park or Tortuga Rum Store at the Airport. 


Hand-painted Masterpieces

Award winning artist, Gordon Solomon is an advocate for art, reflecting the heritage and culture of the Cayman Islands. Gordon’s hope is that his art would encourage dialogue, evoke feelings and thoughts, as well as motivate and nourish others’ talents and spirit. Mr. Solomon’s inspiration is from Cayman’s culture, relevant history and traditions. For more information on this local artist, visit or call 345-927-0536 or email


Seven Fathoms Rum

In rum’s golden age, flavour was produced by the sea as waves pushed and pulled the ancient ships as they made their journeys. With many attempts, the Seven Fathoms Rum family finally found the perfect spot to reunite rum with the sea. The Cayman Islands is home to the firstever undersea rum maturation site producing the sought after Seven Fathoms rum. For more information you can visit or call 345-925-5379.


The Backyard Farmer

Located in Bodden Town, the Backyard Farmer is a small, family owned and operated farm specialising in handcrafted artisan products. All of their handcrafted soaps, scrubs, butters and other body products are made with locally produced coconut oil, raw honey, fruits, vegetables, aloe, and herb infusions that can be grown in the Cayman Islands. To order visit or

Cayman Scents

Boasting a range of locally handcrafted luxury bath, body and home products, Cayman Scents has been operating since 1999. Products made with earth friendly ingredients by the company include candles, artisan soaps, scrubs and much more. For more information, you can visit or call 345-324-0200.

Isy B.

Isy B. is a local luxury fashion and design brand born in the Cayman Islands. We create Island apparel and accessories designed to uplift and inspire. Each design is based on original island folktales as told by local storytellers. Shop local design at Isy B. and take home an authentic piece of Cayman’s heart and soul. Visit today!