About Us

The Cayman Islands Film Commission (CIFC) is a government entity established to promote the Cayman Islands as a prime location for film, television, music video, photoshoots, and advertising productions. Acting as a liaison between government partners and international production companies, the CIFC facilitates permitting, licensing, and streamlines arrivals to the destination. The CIFC does not solicit or underwrite productions. 

About the Cayman Islands

Though it may feel like a world away, the Cayman Islands is located within an hour of Miami and provides direct access through major gateway cities throughout the U.S. including service from Toronto and London – making it the perfect destination. When you arrive, prepare to settle in easily as most hotels are only 15 minutes away from the airport.

The trio of islands affords each guest with the ultimate setting to enjoy life’s finest comforts, as the Caribbean’s leading luxury lifestyle destination. Five-star resorts, high-end villas, condos, and breathtaking beachfront properties unique to each island offer a myriad of accommodation options for discerning travelers to enjoy.

Additionally, the Cayman Islands is frequently heralded as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” and offers endless gastronomic experiences to delight even the most seasoned of palates.

Why the Cayman Islands?

Why the Cayman Islands?

  1. Ease of access. The Cayman Islands has many nonstop flights from the US.
  2. Cayman offers a safe destination with first-class health care and a highly vaccinated population.
  3. The trio of islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer a range of backgrounds to execute productions that require modern and upscale locales to rustic and untouched hideaways.
  4. The Cayman Islands boasts world-class infrastructures, communication systems, and leisure activities with the pristine Caribbean Sea on your doorstep.
  5. There are a variety of accommodation options from AAA Five Diamond resorts, luxurious villas, condos and moderately priced options to suit all talent and production needs.
  6. Known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, Cayman epicurean scene can cater to any craft services requirements as well as delicious options after hours at the end of a long day.
How We Support

How We Support

The CIFC is committed to assisting productions interested in filming in the Cayman Islands.
The CIFC provides support with:

  1. Location guidance

  2. Destination information

  3. Production services and resources available in the Cayman Islands

  4. Guidance on any questions about filming in the Cayman Islands

  5. Strategic Partnership with national flag carrier, Cayman Airways

  6. Facilitation of cross-government coordination

The Process

The Process

Production companies interested in filming in the Cayman Islands must apply for a media license and temporary work permits for cast and crew. If the production company is granted approval to film in the Cayman Islands, the CIFC will act as liaison between the production company and other government agencies to ensure a smooth filming process. 

The Process Steps



  • To have your production considered for filming in the Cayman Islands, please fill out the CIFC Contact Form.
  • Once outreach is received, the CIFC will contact the production company for an initial discussion.
  • If it is determined that the production is not a threat to the image of the Cayman Islands, then an application for a Media Production License will be shared with the production team to fill out.
  • The CIFC will review the Media Production License application and supporting documents, to make a final determination.
  • If the Media Production License is granted, the CIFC will share the following forms for completion:
    • Temporary Work Permit Application
    • Temporary Work Permit Affidavit
    • Equipment Importation Notification Form

Local Resources

The following is a list of local production companies that can assist once Media Production License has been granted:

AirVu Media - Caine Smith
Commercial Production, Freelance Videographer, Licensed Drone Operator
Phone: 345-323-7775

Ambassador Divers
Underwater DOP/Underwater Photography/Underwater Videography
Underwater logistics/Underwater stunts/Saftey Divers/
Diving platforms/Boating services
Phone: 345-916-1064

Armada Productions – Rob Tyler

Freelance Videography, EPK Services 
Phone: 345-923-8982

Awesome Productions – Badir Awe
Production Services, Payroll, Locations, Local Casting, Fixer
Phone: 345-929-4056

Full Bloom Productions
Grip Truck Rentals, Mobile Production Offices, Set Security
Phone: 345-916-5422

Jevy Ebanks Productions - Jevaughnie Ebanks
Freelance Videography
Phone: 345-926-5389

Keep Kreative – Dane Ramoon & Stephan Cotterell
Production Equipment Rental, Expendables, ADR Recording 
Phone: 345-929-4848

Retina Media Group - Jason Kennedy
Freelance Production Consultant
Phone: 345-328-3565  

V4C Productions – Wendee Miller
Freelance Production Coordinator 
Phone: 345-927-1645 or 345-326-7444

Zeal – Shemila Eden & Bruce Gordon
Commercial Production, Campaign Photography    
Phone: 345-327-9327