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  • Cayman's Local Food Scene
    Food & Drink

    Cayman's Local Food Scene

    Grand Cayman boasts convenient locations to purchase fresh produce, products and locally crafted gifts. A dedicated group of Caymanian farmers, skilled artisans, creators and purveyors showcase their work around the island.
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  • Top 4 Culinary Events in the Cayman Islands
    Food & Drink

    Top 4 Culinary Events in the Cayman Islands

    Cayman’s culinary events are renowned. With exceptional culinary variety, unsurpassed ambience and acclaimed local and international chefs, the Cayman Islands will inspire even the most discriminating gourmands.
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  • Rum & Robusto and Pétanque
    Food & Drink | Nature & Wildlife

    Rum & Robusto and Pétanque

    Sunday, the last day of Cayman Cookout (boo!), has two of the best events Rum & Robusto and the chef’s face off in a pétanque game. These events were going on simultaneously this year, but fortunately, they are only a few feet away from each other. 
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  • Cayman Cookout 2020- Signature 4 in 4

    Cayman Cookout 2020- Signature 4 in 4

    The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman hosted the 12th annual Cayman Cookout on 16 – 19 January 2020. The highly anticipated, 4-day lineup of delicious events celebrated culinary excellence, tours, food and alcohol tastings, demonstrations and chef competitions, featuring internationally-acclaimed, award-winning chefs, television hosts, beverage experts, culinary influencers and a host of food enthusiasts from the Cayman Islands and around the world.
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  • “Avec Eric” Talk Show Sans Eric

    “Avec Eric” Talk Show Sans Eric

    Since Éric Ripert wasn’t here this year to do the talk show, Andrew Zimmern stepped up and hosted the event asking questions and joking with the other chefs. José Andrés, Daniel Boulud, Frederic Morineau and Dominique Crenn were all there to chat.
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  •  Beach Bash

    Beach Bash

    The Beach Bash had to be my second favourite event, next to Jose Andres paella demo. The Beach Bash was up at Rum Point; you could have either taken a catamaran there or drive up through the scenic northern district.
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  • Andrew Zimmern's  Dish Demo

    Andrew Zimmern's Dish Demo

    Andrew Zimmern’s dish demo started off with an explanation about how food with a story is the best kind of food and I couldn’t agree more. We don’t eat just to eat; we eat to enjoy the experience. 
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  • Jose Andres Paella Demo/face off

    Jose Andres Paella Demo/face off

    Jose Andres was easily the most entertaining chef I have ever watched. He included the crowd into every part of his demo and made sure that we were having an amazing time specifically by providing jokes, drinks and obviously incredibly tasty food.
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  • Yoga & Krug

    Yoga & Krug

    The Yoga and Krug Event made for the best start to the 2020 Cayman Cookout. I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle, but that does not mean that there is never any room for indulging. The Yoga and Krug fit into that perfect balance.
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  • Another outstanding year at the 11th Annual Cayman Cookout

    Another outstanding year at the 11th Annual Cayman Cookout

    There’s something magical about January in the Cayman Islands. While many of our neighbors to the north are embracing ‘Dry January’ and making resolutions to stick to a healthier diet, here in our slice of tropical paradise, the islands are celebrating Culinary Month.
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