How to speak Caymanian

To help you get to grips with the Caymanian culture even further, we thought we would give you a few tips on how to speak like a local:

Fishing from the Ironshore

Cool out (kool owt) VERB – 1. To relax 2. Forget about one’s worries. E.g. The Cayman Islands is the perfect place to cool out

Look yah (luuk yuh) INTERJECTION – 1. Look here 2. Take a look at this. E.g. Look yah, did you see this?

Cyah (k’yah) AUXILIARY VERB – 1. Can’t; cannot. E.g. I cyah wait to show you around the Cayman Islands

Ah wah (ah-wah) SUFFIX – 1. Or what 2. The end of a question. E.g. Morris, you goin’ back home now ah wah?

Aye (aay) INTERJECTION – 1. Hey. 2 you. 3. A verbal gesture or signal to attract attention. E.g. Aye you boy, did you hear what I said?

CaymanianI n’ Errybody (i-n’ errybody) SUBJECT – 1. And everybody. E.g. I’ n’ errybody goin fishening (Everybody and I are going fishing)

Deh (deh) ADVERB – 1. There 2. In or at that place 3. Opposite to here. E.g. What time are you gonnabe deh?

Fah (fuh) PREPOSITION – 1. For. 2. Who are you, who are your parents, siblings, grandparents etc. E.g. Who ya fah?