“Avec Eric” Talk Show Sans Eric

Since Éric Ripert wasn’t here this year to do the talk show, Andrew Zimmern stepped up and hosted the event asking questions and joking with the other chefs. José Andrés, Daniel Boulud, Frederic Morineau and Dominique Crenn were all there to chat. This was such a cool event because they got to share about all the fantastic work they do for different communities and all while we enjoyed Éric Ripert’s favourite margarita cocktail and foie gras covered in a raw tuna slice.

Frederic Morineau was recognized for being the chef most responsible for helping the young culinarians of the Cayman Islands. Daniel Boulud talked about the City Harvest non-profit organization that he and Éric Ripert are a part of that helps feed over 1 million people in New York and decrease food waste. José Andrés then discussed what he was able to do for the people of Puerto Rico and Bahamas after the hurricanes hit, such as providing almost 3 million meals in the Bahamas alone. How cool is that!? Dominique Crenn also talked about food waste and how small changes can create a significant impact! I could not agree more! The work these chefs do outside of the kitchen is even more amazing than the delicious food they produce. It was great to hear them speak about the importance of helping those in need through sharing their resources with those around you them. The impact these chefs are making in their communities is definitely something to be proud of. Food, especially healthy food, is difficult for many people to access and the fact that these chefs are willing to share their time and resources to make sure people are fed and taken care of is out of this world! Like José Andrés said, “if you believe “we the people” you can achieve anything you want!” Right on, José.


Article Written by Ashleen Parker