Each Stretch Forms a Memory

If you’ve seen one beach, you most certainly haven’t seen them all in Cayman, where every expanse is worth remembering for its own remarkable reasons.

Seven Mile Beach – Grand Cayman
The crown jewel of Caribbean beaches is brought to light with every sunrise and sunset.

Cayman Kai – Grand Cayman
Travellers from across the globe have long sought the privacy enjoyed here.

Rum Point – Grand Cayman
Shallow and clear waters make it an easy choice for families to head north.

West Bay Public Beach – Grand Cayman
The north end of Seven Mile Beach has restaurants in easy reach.

Smith Barcadere – Grand Cayman
Step off your Caribbean cruise and into the sunshine south of George Town.

Owen Island – Little Cayman
A small islet just off the southwest shore is the epitome of a tropical escape.

Spotts Beach – Grand Cayman
Spend an unforgettable day off Shamrock Road in the Spotts Newlands area.

Point O’ Sand – Little Cayman
The eastern tip of the island is a stage for some incredible snorkelling stories.

Brac Reef Beach Resort – Cayman Brac
At the southwestern edge of the island, boardwalks lead to seaside swings.

Heritage Beach – Grand Cayman
What it lacks in swimming, this beach makes up for in concerts and picnics.

Southern Cross Club – Little Cayman
Colourful retreats line the serene coast, across the way from Owen Island.

Head O’Bay – Little Cayman
Discover shallow lagoons nearby the South Hole Sound of Little Cayman.

East End Beach – Grand Cayman
These secluded sands are ideal for a morning stroll or romantic afternoon.

Little Cayman Beach Resort – Little Cayman
On the south side of Little Cayman, you’ll unearth hammocks and cabanas.

Governor’s Beach – Grand Cayman
A truly sublime slice of Seven Mile Beach located by the Governor’s House.

Public Beach – Grand Cayman
Part of Seven Mile Beach, the Public Beach of Grand Cayman is a hotspot.

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Are there areas for camping?
Visitors are not permitted to camp, as there are no designated campsites. However, Cayman has a variety of accommodations for almost any budget.
Is fishing allowed from the shore?
If you’re a visitor, catch and release fishing from shore is allowed. Unless you are a resident, you may not permanently remove any marine life from the water.