The Cayman Islands have culinary options to suit any palate. Caymanian food reflects the rich cultural heritage of our islands and incorporates several international flavours.

Anything you can make with conch, coconut, plantain, cassava, yams, rice and peas, tuna, snapper, mangos and mahi-mahi, has been prepared in the Cayman Islands. Food in the Cayman Islands includes traditional Caribbean fare. Jamaican cuisine has also found its way on to many of the menus of the Cayman Islands and jerk seasoning has become popular on several meat dishes. Curries are also frequently used throughout Cayman. You can find all of these ingredients and most of your favourites in our grocery stores. Traditional Cayman food includes dishes made of turtle meat, as well as conch stew, Cayman-style beef, and an old fashioned fish fry. Of all the local deserts, heavy cake is a mainstay.

Here are a few authentic recipes to try at home: