Andrew Zimmern's Dish Demo

Andrew Zimmern’s dish demo started off with an explanation about how food with a story is the best kind of food and I couldn’t agree more. We don’t eat just to eat; we eat to enjoy the experience. He went on to explain that he doesn’t believe restaurants were created for financial transactions but for the emotional transaction and how he’s researched this – I love that, it’s so true, we often find ourselves eating at very eclectic places simply because we love the people who are serving us or the atmosphere of the restaurant.
During this demo he was showing how to make an ancient Japanese dish that’s over 1000 years old. The sauce for this dish was made up of miso, eggs and dashi that was made with kombu which is an edible kelp that is known for being a nutritional powerhouse of the sea. Some of its benefits include; reducing hypertension and it also supports thyroid function due to its high iodine content. So, naturally, I was excited for this dish!
He also shared an interesting way to cook the steak that was in this dish which was what he called reverse searing. Most people start with high heat and sear their meat quickly, instead he started the meat off on a cold pan and slowly brought up the temperature and then seared it with a little bit of higher heat at the end to get that perfect crispness on the edges of the meat. This was the most delightful steak I have ever put in my mouth. IT was so tender and he explained that was due to this method of cooking because it keeps the juicy fat in the middle of the meat and the fat, as we all know, is the tastiest part. Contrary to what most people believe fat doesn’t actually make you fat and is vital for your brain and many other parts of your body to function.
This meal was paired with crisp greens that were even more delightful than the meat.  Andrew Zimmern is known for his bizarre eating adventures but this meal was something no one would ever be afraid to eat!
Article by Ashleen Parker