The Cayman Islands: A Culinarians Dream

There are some people who eat because well, we need to. It's a chore, apart of our daily routine and just a means to keep going. Then, there are those who enjoy food, they appreciate exquisite pairings, new tasting adventures and the all around experience. It's a luxury, a means to indulge in the flavors of world probably never having to leave your city. Then, there they are; The Culinarians. The ones who breathe, live and love the endless pleasures of not only food but their ingredients on a whole new level. From odd pairings like Shrimp Bisque and Cinnamon Croutons (it's actually super delicious!) to the always pleasurable simplicity of a fresh caught and prepared Lobster Roll, down to easy at home takes on other worldly dishes like my Shredded Coconut Chicken with Mango Salsa.

Caymanian Shrimp Bisque

It's easy to see why the Cayman Islands would be considered the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. There are international influences from every corner of the earth, walking the streets, serving in our restaurants and influencing our tourism sector everyday. I believe that this melting pot of diversity on such an economically powerful island, driven mainly by tourism is an incredible powerhouse for development and is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with in terms of our current culinary status and break through's to come. 

From our Local Farmers and Fishermen, we have choices of the most fresh and natural products you could imagine. 

farm fresh produce
fresh cayman islands fish

I mean, as well as the ever expanding variety in our supermarkets our in home experiences are endless. Our dining experiences? Oh man, with the amount of restaurants and cultural influences in them. You could probably travel the world in a few courses. From an amazing 'Down Under' experience of the far side at the Aussie inspired Tukka, to the classic Italian dining at Casanova's and Eduardo's and lets not forget our own home grown Cayman Cuisine at Ms. Vivienne's (the woman could cook!) & oh yes, I wouldn't live it down if I forgot to mention our Latin influences, seen in restaurants like Casa 43 creating amazingly yummy, authentic Mexican (I have to roll myself out of there every time I feast on their street corn and shrimp tacos..not very pretty) We even have Southern Spice bringing us the flavors of India, and The Bistro creating classic French cuisine if you're up for an incredible journey through some of the oldest culinary techniques available.

There are new exciting dining opportunities presenting themselves everyday, and they don't even have to be in an actual restaurant! From brand new Vegan joints to down right BBQ heaven or Greek Inspired deliciousness in a food truck, only to bring it right back home with the many Jerk stands located around the island; my palette really can't handle all the goodness. 

I also have to highlight our home grown vendors like Cayman Pepper Jelly and Cayman Sea Salt, who are constantly producing incredible products that have put Cayman in the lime light for incredible culinary feats; further proving we really are a leading force in the world of food and everything edible. 

Cayman Pepper Jellycaribbean culturecayman islands sea salt

I say all of this to end with, do you really have to ask me why Cayman is the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean? I mean, just look around.. how could you not be convinced! Our Islands are incredible!

culinary capital of the world