The most amazing vertical drop-off in the Caribbean

Few dive sites in the world offer such a breathtaking dive experience as Bloody Bay Wall in Little Cayman. Divers from the world over congregate here to see the amazing marine life in this very special place. It offers unparalleled dives, whether you are a novice or an experienced diver.

Bloody Bay Wall is in fact, a submerged mountain range that has a wall that drops down a mind-blowing 2000 metres to the seafloor. The top of this wall is home to fascinating creatures like sailfin blennies, arrow crabs and octopus.

Further down there are wonderful sights like giant barrel sponges, nasa grouper, barracuda and black durgeon triggerfish that patrol the waters above the coral. Other fish like yellow coney, red hind, groupers and squirrelfish are abundant too.

Floating down the wall is indeed an unforgettable experience, the shadow of the immense wall even lets you swim alongside normally shy fish, like the eagle ray. There are many great dive sites along the wall too including; Three Fathom Wall, Marylin’s Cut, Donna’s Delight, Randy’s Gazebo, Lea Lea’s Lookout, Coconut Walk, Barracuda Bite, Joy’s Joy Jigsaw Puzzle and Fisheye Fantasy.