Top 10 Reasons Kids Love Cayman

It’s no secret that the Cayman Islands offer the best location for adventure-packed family vacations. Many cruise itineraries sailing to the Western Caribbean make a stop at these gorgeous islands, situated just 270 miles off the coasts of Jamaica and Cuba. Families traveling with children of all ages will have no trouble finding an array of fun-filled activities. From exploring the world-famous Seven Mile Beach to interacting with baby turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre, there are numerous delightful adventures awaiting your whole family on this island. Your kids will create lasting memories during their visit to the Cayman Islands. Keep reading to discover more about the exciting opportunities that await you and your youngsters! 


Seven Mile Beach, which has received numerous accolades from Caribbean Travel + Life, Tripadvisor, and MSN, stands as one of the most spectacular beaches in the world! With its white sands and calm turquoise waters, this beach, situated on the west side of Grand Cayman, offers a wide range of activities that will delight families traveling with children of all ages. Children adore visiting this beach, thanks in large part to the countless watersport options available. Younger children can enjoy snorkeling, sailing, or joining their parents on a paddleboard. Older kids can enjoy exhilarating activities like parasailing, riding a Waverunner, jet skiing, scuba diving, and much more. Being only a 10–15 minute drive from the cruise port, Seven Mile Beach is extremely accessible, with guests having the option of taking taxis or buses. Regardless of what activities you choose during your visit to Grand Cayman, this beautiful beach is a must-visit destination! 


If your children have an affinity for nature and marine life, we highly recommend visiting Stingray City! Guests can anticipate a 25-minute boat ride from the shores of Grand Cayman to reach a sandbar. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to snorkel and observe the stunning coral reefs and vibrant tropical fish beneath the surface while surrounded by majestic stingrays. For the more daring adventurers, hand-feeding the stingrays is also an option! With more than six tour packages, guests can select experiences and adventure levels that suit their preferences. For those traveling with young children, Stingray City offers packages focusing on shallow water and coral reefs without interacting with stingrays. Most tours typically last around 3-5 hours, and all tours include bottled water and light refreshments. Please visit their website to learn more about Stingray City and the tour packages available.


Camana Bay

Camana Bay is a vibrant district located north of George Town, featuring delightful eateries, bayside retail shops, and bustling promenades. The fountains at Camana Bay are a highlight, with water jets reaching heights of up to 30 feet! These interactive fountains captivate your little ones, keeping them engaged and joyful. It’s a popular choice for cooling down with your kids on hot days. Once playtime is over, don’t miss the Observation Tower, which stands at an impressive 75 feet! Additionally, the area has multiple restaurants, making it a convenient one-stop destination for a fun-filled afternoon. 


One of the most enjoyable ways to explore a new destination is by immersing yourself in its history and culture. The Cayman Islands National Museum provides an ideal venue for this purpose. Here, children and adults can delve into Caymanian culture and history through educational videos, the engaging Children’s Gallery, and a lifelike representation of a fisherman. Additionally, the museum offers various interactive elements, including a submarine simulator, an authentic jail cell, and regularly rotating new exhibits. Families can also look forward to “Looky Ya!”, a family-friendly series showcasing the cuisine, art, and local talent from different Caymanian districts and Sister Islands. Recognized with the 2018 Travellers’ Choice Award and the 2019 Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor, the Cayman Islands National Museum promises an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your children for years. For more information about this museum, please visit their website


Located on Grand Cayman, the Blue Iguana Conservation Centre showcases the Blue Iguana, the largest native land animal in the Cayman Islands. This captivating facility houses over 100 Blue Iguanas of varying ages, sizes, and weights. Visitors can choose between self-guided or guided tours that include a nature walk, a chance to view semi-wild habitats, and an opportunity to take a photo with a stunning Blue Iguana mural. For a more immersive experience, consider upgrading to the Blue Iguana Warden Experience! This option, available to visitors aged 16 and older, allows you to participate in habitat cleaning, lizard care, and more. To learn more about the Blue Iguana Conservation Centre, please visit their website


Cayman Turtle Centre


If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the Cayman Turtle Centre yet, you’re in for a treat! This incredible destination ranks among Grand Cayman’s top shoreline attractions and is a must-do adventure for anyone’s bucket list. Kids, in particular, are in for a fantastic time as they immerse themselves in the world of turtles, from adorable babies to majestic, full-grown animals. Guests can choose between thrilling activities such as swimming with these magnificent creatures, handling them, or simply observing them in all their beauty. The Cayman Turtle Centre offers more than just turtle encounters; it’s a remarkable hub for conservation and education. Guests have the unique opportunity to explore breeding grounds, both wet and dry viewing areas, and can even enjoy attractions like the exhilarating waterslide and a scenic nature trail. Whether your visit is a brief stop during a cruise or part of a more extended vacation, this conservation and education center promises to be a highlight of your trip. For additional information about the Cayman Turtle Centre, please click this link


The Cayman Parrot Sanctuary is another great option for families with nature and animal enthusiasts. This activity is ideal for the entire family, offering an educational experience about the native plants and animals of the Cayman Islands. The facility provides a perfect day trip where children can learn about parrots and snakes, hamsters, turtles, and more. A visit to the Cayman Parrot Sanctuary typically lasts around an hour to an hour and a half, allowing guests to take multiple daily excursions while enjoying the island’s natural beauty and rich culture. For more information, please visit their Facebook page


With over 26 years of history, this gallery is the premier art museum and arts center in the Cayman Islands. Visitors can explore a sculpture garden, up to 8 exhibitions, and a gift shop showcasing local Caymanian art. The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands isn’t just for adults; it offers many activities that children will enjoy! From private art parties to classes available for booking, the gallery’s instructors will guide your kids through various art projects. The Walkers Art Club also provides complimentary art classes for children every week, led by experienced art educators, at no extra cost. Families traveling with young art enthusiasts should consider visiting this gallery to experience Caymanian art and culture. For more information regarding this gallery, please check out this website


The Cayman Islands are a perfect destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts—a great choice for children and adults! The beautiful waters of the Caribbean treat guests to a captivating view of an idyllic underwater ecosystem. Whether you snorkel at West Bay Cemetery Beach, renowned for its stunning and thriving coral reefs, or explore the enchanting coral reefs of Eden Rock in George Town, you’ll encounter some of the most breathtaking marine life in the Caribbean Sea. Our other recommendations for great locations to snorkel near George Town include Cheeseburger Reef, Spotts Beach, the Wreck of the Gamma (yes, an actual shipwreck!), and Smith Cove. 


Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

The Children’s Garden provides an incredible experience for multigenerational families. Open seven days a week, this vibrant space offers kids a wide array of activities to enjoy, including the Discovery Tower, slides, a small climbing wall, a maze, a splash pad (be sure to bring a beach towel!), climbing wooden frames, a pond, and even a giant bird’s nest! The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is continuously expanding, with plans to add a new gazebo to the Children’s Garden in October 2023. Additionally, a spacious multipurpose facility hosts events such as book readings, cultural performances, and educational demonstrations. For more information about the Children’s Garden, please follow this link

The Cayman Islands make a perfect vacation getaway for families traveling with members of all ages, particularly kids. These islands boast a wealth of attractions, ranging from mouthwatering cuisine and breathtaking beaches to immersive encounters with animals and nature. Regardless of the ages or diverse interests within your family, the Cayman Islands promise to create fun and memorable experiences for everyone in your group. When you next find yourself exploring these beautiful islands, don’t miss the chance to enjoy these fantastic activities! 

Have you been to the Cayman Islands? Tell us about your favorite memory in the comments! 

By Danielle Morris (source: porthole.com/top-10-reasons-kids-love-cayman/