Offshore Set Up

Cayman's special economic zones were established to promote economic growth, encourage foreign direct investment, and diversify the economy of the Cayman Islands. The business-friendly government of Cayman has granted several globally competitive concessions to companies that establish a physical presence within Cayman Enterprise City (CEC). Through CEC, companies can take advantage of fast-tracking business licensing, a five-day visa process, and professional corporate relocation services. These special economic zones eliminate the red tape, excessive costs, and uncertainty that one would normally experience when establishing a physical presence offshore.

Benefits of setting up at Cayman Enterprise City:

  • No corporate, income, sales, or capital gains tax
  • 100% foreign company ownership is permitted
  • A 4-6 week fast-track business licensing regime is available
  • Renewable 5-year work/residency visas are granted within 5 days
  • Cutting-edge IT and business infrastructure is provided
  • Offshore hosting and payment gateways are available
  • The ability to protect intellectual property offshore is provided
  • An appropriately regulated business environment is maintained
  • A dynamic tech cluster with access to cross-marketing and growth opportunities is available
  • A skilled labor force and easy recruitment procedures are provided
  • Professional relocation services and turn-key solutions are available
  • Thoughtfully designed work environments are provided
  • Easy access and direct flights to the U.S., Canada, and London are available
  • A catalyst for rapid international growth is provided
  • A warm, sunny climate is available year-round
  • A fantastic high-quality island lifestyle is offered.

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