The Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) assists anyone (local or overseas) interested in investing in the Cayman Islands. Their services cover aid for small companies and information about licensing. Operating in the Cayman Islands generates a supportive environment for start-ups as well as established organisations. The DCI can even connect business partners to opportunities for local and overseas investors – incorporating government tenders, and industry development. 

DCI provides business licensing services to specified sectors, ensuring compliance of licenced businesses with local commerce legislation and local and international standards. This includes administration and issuance of Trade & Business Licences, Local Company (Control) Licences, Tobacco Permits, Liquor Licences, Public Film Exhibition Premises Licences, and Special Economic Zone Company Licences. Visit the DCI website to learn more about their services.

For more information about the economic climate and business community, please visit the website of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce

For detailed information on how to establish financial entities and investment vehicles, please visit the website of the Cayman Islands General Registry.