Grand Cayman is home to George Town, where up to four cruise ships can anchor at one time. If there are more than four cruise ships in port, the others remain in the harbour. Passengers are ferried to one of three terminals, all of which are about five minutes away.

For those sailing by charter, we have two major ports of entry. One is located on Grand Cayman and the other is on Cayman Brac. Port Security greets travellers on VHF Channel 16 around the clock and, upon entering the Cayman Islands territory, vessels must fly the Q flag. All guns, spear guns, and other weapons must be left with customs. Outside fruit and plant life are not allowed on island.

Many of our waters are environmentally protected and there are regulations to preserve these areas. Fixed moorings should be used instead of anchor chains to prevent coral damage. Gill nets and poison are prohibited. Spear guns and seine nets require a licence from the Cayman Marne Conservation Board.

Removal of marine life (coral, sponges) is prohibited. There are also specific terms regarding fishing for lobster, conch, and grouper.

For more information, please call the Maritime Authority at 345-949-8831.