Dive Cayman


Like Poseidon Himself
Would Do

We've been proudly showing off our underwater world since 1957, when scuba pioneer, Bob Soto, opened the first Grand Cayman dive shop. Today, Cayman is one of the top dive destinations anywhere. With over 40 operators and 365 sites marked with moorings, thrill-seekers from all over take the plunge here.

Cayman gives both the novice and the experienced some of the best diving in the world, as environmentally protected reefs surround each of our three islands. Our secluded locale, far from other landmasses, is what keeps our oceans clean and our coral healthy. Here you’ll happen upon the most spectacular seawalls in the Caribbean as our islands rest on submerged mountains.

Whether you’re jumping in from the shore or off the side of your boat, our waters are about 25°C year-round with some of the best visibility in the world. You can even rent propulsion vehicles and see multiple sites in just one dive, making the most of your time under the water.

Grand Cayman

Dramatic seawalls, shallow reefs and storied shipwrecks lead this list of sites.

Cayman Brac

Observe a sunken Russian warship and reefs home to friendly schools of fish.

Little Cayman

Tunnels and crevices of all sizes bring you to the main event: Bloody Bay Wall.

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Local Tips

"One of the best places to take a break from the sun is underwater. The Cayman islands has some of the best marine life and reefs in the world. There are even underwater statues on some of Cayman's reefs! You can explore art in a totally different way by scuba diving. Just book a dive excursion with one of the Islands' many dive operators like Divetech and they'll make sure you see it all. "

Bloody Bay Wall

Bloody Bay Wall is still one of the best dive areas in the Caribbean. Fish life is returning to the numbers of 15 years ago. So nice to see! The visability was good in spite of the very windy conditions when we were there.

Review by TripAdvisor traveler swan1955

Devil's Grotto

Devil's Grotto is a beautiful dive site. Really enjoyed the swimthroughs on this site. Fantastic life, beautiful coral structures, a must see!

Review by TripAdvisor traveler tawny112


Kittiwake is one of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean. I have dove the Kittiwake a couple times and it continues to be an amazing wreck dive. Not only is the ship itself fascinating, as an artificial reef it is teeming with fish. A very cool dive site, the best way to see it is by scuba, but it is in shallow enough water that it makes a great snorkel destination as well.

Review by TripAdvisor traveler Eric W