Like Poseidon Himself
Would Do

We've been proudly showing off our underwater world since 1957, when scuba pioneer, Bob Soto, opened the first Grand Cayman dive shop. Today, Cayman is one of the top dive destinations anywhere. With over 40 operators and 365 sites marked with moorings, thrill-seekers from all over take the plunge here.

Cayman gives both the novice and the experienced some of the best diving in the world, as environmentally protected reefs surround each of our three islands. Our secluded locale, far from other landmasses, is what keeps our oceans clean and our coral healthy. Here you’ll happen upon the most spectacular seawalls in the Caribbean as our islands rest on submerged mountains.

Whether you’re jumping in from the shore or off the side of your boat, our waters are about 25°C year-round with some of the best visibility in the world. You can even rent propulsion vehicles and see multiple sites in just one dive, making the most of your time under the water.

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the largest of our islands and brings some of the most incredible sights beneath the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea. Begin your Grand Cayman diving experience with some of these top sights.

Ex-USS Kittiwake

How about Grand Cayman scuba diving that takes you to an authentic sunken American warship?

The USS Kittiwake entered service in 1946 and retired in 1994. She was sunk off Seven Mile Beach to create an artificial reef for our marine friends. Hire a boat and experience scuba diving in the Grand Cayman Islands for an experience you’ll never forget.

Eden Rock & Devil’s Grotto

Dive the Grand Cayman Islands without stepping onto a boat with these incredible dive sights close to George Town.

Eden Rock and the Devil’s Grotto sit next to each other. Just start at the cruise ship port and walk for 10 minutes. Accessible from the shoreline, Eden Rock is brimming with colorful coral and tropical creatures.

Once you have had your fill, your adventure into scuba diving in Grand Cayman will take you to the underwater caves of neighboring Devil’s Grotto. Marvel at the silver sprats and tarpon of this area.

Deep Stingray City

You’ve heard of Stingray City. Now head to Deep Stingray City. Designed for confident, certified divers, travel to this special destination to see the “Southern” stingray.

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and embark on an unforgettable 12-foot dive to hand-feed these majestic stingrays. Afterward, head to the beautiful Stingray City Sandbar for a truly unique diving experience.


Are you a new diver looking for an experience you’ve never had?

Head to West Bay for the Macabuca dive spot. This fun point can be accessed from the shore, with ladders installed to help you access the water safely.

Get up close and personal with the magic of Cayman’s fish and coral before heading to the restaurant and bar for some well-earned refreshments afterward.

Macabuca is ideal if you want to scuba in Grand Cayman for the first time and want to find your flippers.

Wreck of the Oro Verde

Sunken ship explorers wanting to scuba in Grand Cayman should head to the wreck of the Oro Verde.  

After a decade of duty for the United States Army, the Oro Verde found new life as a transporter of bananas. Sweeping through Ecuador and then onto Miami, this mighty vessel was eventually shipwrecked in 1976 on Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach Reef, an end that gave beachgoers scuba-diving something exciting to discover!

Experience scuba in Grand Cayman with this intriguing dive.

Need a Dive Operator?

Here are a few dive operators available in Grand Cayman.

  • Cayman Turtle Divers – Dives for all skill levels. Hire them for charter trips across Grand Cayman. They also offer training courses for uncertified divers.
  • Deep Blue Divers Grand Cayman – Join a master diver with over 20 years of experience. Deep Blue takes you everywhere, from Stingray City to wall diving.
  • Living the Dream Divers – Want to spread your arms and take it all in while you scuba in Grand Cayman? Living the Dream Divers specializes in small group trips, including private and night dives.

Cayman Brac

Land on our easternmost island for Cayman Islands diving that takes you off the beaten track. Known as a nature lover’s paradise, Cayman Brac has much to offer.

Sample some of our dive spots far from the hustle and bustle of the city below.

Wilderness Wall

Head to the southern side of Cayman Brac for a truly epic experience. The Wilderness Wall is a much-beloved dive spot for locals and visitors alike.

Be amazed as you explore this deep wall that drops hundreds of feet into the abyss.

MV Captain Keith Tibbetts

No trip involving diving in the Cayman Islands would be complete without a visit to MV Captain Keith Tibbetts.

Built by the Soviet Union specifically for the Cuban Navy in 1984, its short life ended when it was sunk off Cayman Brac in 1996.

Fry Cove

Head to Salt Water Point for a hidden gem of the Cayman Brac diving scene. Depending on the conditions, this moderate swell dive will take you to a cave and wall laden with pillar and elk-horn corals.

Join the sergeant majors and snapper as they come to greet you. Lucky enough to be on the Cayman Islands scuba diving in the summer? Spot the swarms of silverside minnows as they create a mass of moving fish.

Need a Dive Operator?

Little Cayman

Little Cayman is a paradise of sun, sand, and coral. As the smallest of the three main islands of Cayman, it can be easy to forget that scuba diving in the Cayman Islands offers some of the most amazing dive spots in the territory.

Jacques Cousteau, the renowned ocean explorer, once declared the waters of Little Cayman to be among the top three diving sites in the world. Find out why.

Bloody Bay Wall

Little Cayman is renowned among the worldwide diving community because of Bloody Bay Wall.

Cousteau famously declared this spectacular 2km-drop sea wall one of nature's greatest marvels — a prime diving destination for intrepid adventurers seeking to explore its depths!

Explore the Cayman Islands' gorgeous coral reefs and get up close to experience fascinating sea creatures. From arrow crabs to octopuses, you'll see a variety of exotic marine life in its natural environment, making this one dive that will truly stay with you forever.

Need a Dive Operator?


Not Certified? No Problem!

Your Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) card allows you to dive deeper than 18 meters without the direct supervision of a PADI instructor.

Transform your vacation into an exciting learning experience by obtaining a PADI card! With many luxury resorts offering courses right on-site, there's no better time to get certified and enjoy the wonders of ocean life.

Your journey begins with just a few hours of pool instruction, including water safety, diving basics, and conservation. Team up with your instructor and take the first step to explore some of the world’s most legendary dive sites in Cayman. 

Want to take your diving experience further? Contact your local dive operator and become a part of the diving community as a divemaster or instructor. With 60 hours of diving experience and 12 diverse topics covered, you can master diving on your vacation.

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