Lone Star Bar & Grill

Established in 1985, Cayman's Lone Star Bar & Grill has been a stalwart landmark on the Seven Mile Beach corridor for the last 32 years. It has a long-standing reputation as a popular drinking spot to refresh after work or play. Also, it's one of Cayman’s biggest sports bars with 30 TV screens! There isn’t a bad seat in the house for watching all your favourite teams from the NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, UFC and more. With that many TVs you’re not likely to miss any of the action and the staff are always more than willing to fulfill your requests, be it sports, food or drink. There is always a reason to check out Lone Star: Monday is the Island’s best wing night. Test your inner Einstein on Tuesday nights with their popular trivia night which starts at 8pm. Wednesday’s is Jam night which carries on a Cayman tradition: come and listen to their great host musicians or get up there and show everybody what you’ve got! Thursday is Rock and Roll Bingo – they take the numbers off the card and replace them with bands and artists. It’s a popular event so get there early. “All-You-Can-Eat Tailgate BBQ” is on Saturdays from open till close.