Soulmade Ltd. T/A Conscious Cafe

The Conscious Café is a locally inspired, plant-based, healing foods cafe inside of Art Nest Creative Studio. Guests can enjoy locally grown meals and soups, house ferments, sourdough bread, kombucha on tap, fresh pressed juices, raw/vegan and keto-friendly desserts, signature green popcorn, and more while perusing the Art Gallery or the curated collection of art produced by local artisans. The Conscious Café was created by Saucha Conscious Living, founded in 2013 as a kombucha brewery and plant-based meal delivery service. Chef Britta Bush, co-founder, has been brewing kombucha since 2008 and has a deep commitment to utilizing and teaching about local produce, from preparation to health benefits. As Saucha, she has been invited to participate in the Cayman Cookout since 2016, and even earned accolades from Anthony Bourdain, who upon trying her food for the first time said "if all vegan food tasted like this, I would eat more of it." Located close to the airport, this is the perfect post-arrival stop to re-fuel and book a creative experience or pre-airport stop for healthy snacks and souvenirs.